Miharu Makoto (miharu_makoto) wrote,
Miharu Makoto

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Thanks to the fansubbers, binge-watching is not a total waste of time if you do make an effort to listen to the original. I mean, hours and hours of exposure to a foreign language should amount to something, right? =)

"Kamen Rider Den-O" was fantastic, trains and all. =)))

"Kamen Rider Kabuto" features the most stupid (sidekick) Rider so far, Kabuto's 'rival' Sasword. Otherwise, it seems to be just another Rider TV-show, good but nothing special.

P.S.: The main "Kamen Rider Kabuto" protagonist's name is Souji (総司). Same kanji as in "Okita Souji". ;) By the way, in one of the "Kamen Rider Fourze" episodes, during a visit to a 'Kyoto movie village' Gentarou chooses to cosplay Miyamoto Musashi, while Meteor cosplays Okita Souji.
Tags: kamen-rider-tachi, shinsengumi, разнотравье
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